who wants to fuck a white girl in Bangkok?

January 9, 2009

If you believed the white guys here Bangkok, the answer was “no one”. The commonly expressed opinion was that we were fat and hideous, and even more so, that we were “uppity” and that no one in their right mind would date us. This opinion was rather ironic given that most of them were paying for pussy (in the third world, which makes it even classier), which is rarely considered a sign of being attractive.

But was that really true? And in particular, I wanted to know — what’s up with Thai men? They rarely talked to me, and this puzzled me. Did they find me unattractive, were they too shy to talk to me, did they simply not speak any English? Inquiring minds wanted to know.

Since I am essentially dorky and scientific, I decide to do some research: I put up a personal ad on the internet. I didn’t want to date someone I met online, especially in a skeevy city like Bangkok, but internet dating is really just market research into how hot you are.

So I put up my ad with a few pictures, and waited.

The responses surprised even me.

1) Thai guys didn’t think white women like them.

2) Some Thai guys told me they like foreign girls but they didn’t think they had enough sexual experience to please us.

3) Many hot young foreign guys wrote me.

4) Many old ugly foreign guys wrote me, which surprised me because they are the usual demographic that hates white women and dates Thai hookers.

5) Some young foreign guys tried to cheat on their Thai girlfriends with me.

6) Some older foreign guys tried to include me in threesomes with their Thai gfs, (“I would rather fuck a dog”, is what comes to mind here)

So my conclusions are:

1)  Thai guys want to date white girls.

2) White guys trash us in public, but in reality they want to date us too.

3) Old fat guys want us too, but they know they can’t have us, thus the hatred.

4) The fact that so many white guys with Thai girlfriends tried to cheat on them with me, or tried to “spice things up in the bedroom” by including a foreign girl suggests that dating a Thai woman isn’t entirely the sexual nirvana guys make it out to be, which I can’t say really surprises me.


7 Responses to “who wants to fuck a white girl in Bangkok?”

  1. fredd Says:

    As a Thai guy, I have to confess that I reeeeaaaally want to talk to white girls ‘coz I think they’re so beautiful. But it’s just the confidence stuff that keeps me from approaching them. I can say that I’m more into white girls than asian girls but I have no courage to walk up to them….
    Any tips for me?

  2. Michael Says:

    I’m a white American in Bangkok and I am probably the only one here that doesn’t like Thai girls. So, if you know any white ladies that are single, please point them out or where to go and meet them…

  3. jaidao Says:

    well, obviously i can’t point out some single ladies for you, but you can try going to places that have single white women in bangkok.

    if you’re the backpacker type, i mean, obviously on kao san road there’s tons of white girls

    if you’re looking to meet expats, then you can try nightclubs popular with expats like bed supperclub, ladies nights at local bars, or networking events like creative ministry or young bangkok professionals.

    it’s a bit of an upward struggle to really meet white women in bangkok (apart from russian working girls) for a white guy, because many of us, after too many bad experiences, essentially won’t even talk to white guys in bangkok, as so many of them are total scum, or just want to talk your ear off about how they love thai women (like, WHATEVER)

    but anyways, good luck in your search.

  4. nikki Says:

    right now i live in nyc but im moving to bangkok with my thai boyfriend at the end of this month (may 31st) and from personal experience of being around a lot of thais and also being in thailand before..


    they are really shy sometimes tho…the girls should probably be the ones to make the first moves ;P

  5. nikki Says:

    o yeah and also there is a group on facebook called “farang girls in bangkok” you guys should join because i believe there are a lot of farang girls in thailand looking for farang guys but it’s hard to find them under the scum million of bad bar girl loving guys..

  6. i will like to have relationship with good white girl here in bangkok,any one intersted can contact me on chocolateguybkk@hotmail.com.

  7. mm Says:

    i want to thai

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